Turning Your Family Dishes into Jewelry

Since I started crafting my jewelry from broken dishes, I’ve always set aside time to work on special projects like commission pieces. These are one-of-kind special orders created from broken dishes sent to me by people from around the world.

Sometimes I’m sent a cracked plate that has been handed down over generations, other times it is a bit from from a relative’s teacup collection. Each and every commission is unique because it has a personal story attached, and I’m honored to be offered the chance to give it new life as wearable art.

A few of my favorite commission orders:

  • Grandpa’s broken “fudge plate”
  • An antique plate from the family of a celebrity… sorry I promised not to mention her name, but you’ve definitely seen her on TV and in movies
  • Great-grandmother’s flow blue platter
  • A bride’s china pattern turned into jewelry
  • A baby cup that belonged to an 83-year-old
  • Divorce china (“I hated my ex, but I loved his mother and she gave me the china”)
  • A fragment that was dug up digging a pet’s grave
  • Grandpa’s glass eye (I’m not making that up!!!)


If you have a dish you would like turned into a custom pin, pendant, tie-tack, wine stopper, drawer nob, lamp pull, or Christmas ornament, let me know so I can schedule a time to work on it. For Christmas delivery, I need your dish by October 1st.

Special orders are easily handled via phone and the US Postal Service, and international orders are welcome. Your special order will cost $75 per piece + tax (there is a discount if you purchase five or more pieces – layered pieces and specialty pieces may cost more).

To start the process, fill out the form below, and let me know you are interested. From there, we will discuss where to ship your china and the size, quantity, shape, and style of jewelry you prefer.

I look forward to working on your china.



Do you have questions? Would you like to talk to me about your dishes? Contact me