I’m continuing my One of a Kind Show email preview by showing you two types of unique china that I worked with for the very first time recently. Get a closer look at them online until Wednesday day night (then they’re going on display at the One of a Kind Show in Chicago).


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Roseville Pottery


I’ve been on the hunt for damaged Roseville Pottery for over ten years, but collectors covet even broken pieces of Roseville. This year I uncovered a particularly mangled cornucopia vase that I managed to bring into the studio and transform into jewelry.

More about Roseville: Ohio’s Roseville Pottery ranks among the most-prized American art pottery. Early on Roseville produced utilitarian items such as flower pots and household pieces, but in 1900 they began a line of fine art pottery that competed with Rookwood, Owens, and Weller potteries. Roseville has enjoyed two revivals with collectors. First, in the 1970s with baby boomers and then again in the late 1990s with the popularity of the Arts and Crafts Style.