What Customers Are Saying…

Here are some comments from customers… gathered from Square feedback.

“Beautiful , unique form of art. As a collector of Belleek I’m very happy to exhibit my unique piece of jewelry. We all need to pamper ourselves now and then and I’ve done just that . I’m very satisfied with my purchase , thank you!” 11/21/17

“Fabulous variety! Excellent craftsmanship!! SO great to see you again at Wilder Mansion. LOVE my new pieces!! Thanks again!!” 11/4/17

“Always an excellent experience with Liam. He teaches on the history and background of his jewelry pieces! Beautiful work. He cares about his customers.” 11/4/17

“Excellent experience overall!” 9/24/17

“Friendly, knowledgeable vendor.” 9/3/17

“Stunning, as always. Another treasure tp add to my collection!” 8/21/17

“Stunning, as always. Another treasure tp add to my collection! ” 8/19/17

“Wonderful! Helped me pick out the perfect piece!” 8/11/17

“I thoroughly enjoyed speaking to you about each piece. I love that they all have a story. Your passion for your art shines through. I wore my koi necklace the next day.” 8/7/17

“Liam was extremely knowledgeable and personable.” 2/12/16

“We love your work and are proud to wear each of the pieces. Having the history of each piece is special. Even the ribbon that is tied around the bag raises the bar. We even had to come back on Sunday to purchase one of the ship wreck pieces; It kept calling to me until I had it. You are so successful merging your love of history and art.” 10/01/16

“Wonderful product.” 9/25/16

“Excellent service,friendly personel,wonderful selection of jewelry. Will be back again!” 9/10/16

“Your items are so beautiful and unique, and it’s so great seeing you at Irish Fest every year!” 8/23/16

“Love your shards.” 4/2/16

“Everything was displayed beautifully and well-labeled (with the history of the piece)!” 3/7/15

“Loved your selection of cat pins. I had the Xmas cat pin on today and all my cat lover friends loved it. Thank you for your great work. ” 12/4/15

“Beautiful jewelry. Unique.” 11/13/15

“Delightful. Loved meeting the artist and learning about his art and Irish roots, especially his B&B!” 11/12/15

“My daughter loved it all and it was a gift for her. Thank you. I am sure she will be following you again.” 10/10/15

“Excellent customer service and what a great selection of jewelry. Love the concept and enjoyed meeting Liam.” 10/4/15

“Always a pleasant experience to see Liam. I love my German yellow necklace. Thanks! You do good work!!!!” 9/13/15

“The owner is so knowledgeable and just a joy to talk to. His jewelry is unique and beautiful.” 9/8/15

“Love my new piece! Beautiful.” 8/17/15

“Third piece of jewelry purchased this year and seems to have become the Kelley Family Tradition – will be interested in hearing more about Belleek cufflinks!” 8/16/15

“Liam’s talent, knowledge, and sincerity makes the whole shopping experience a treat! Very special!” 8/15/15

“It was a pleasure to meet you at the Elmhurst Festival. Also thank you for all the information for future trips to Ireland!” 5/3/15

“Quality, Selection, Wait Time, Customer Service
Always love seeing your new creations! My MIL loved the pendant!” 5/3/15

“Love your work..all that great color and design along with history on each piece. Also want to visit you B& B in Ireland!” 4/3/15

“As always and awesome experience. So glad you were able to visit OKC.” 4/3/15

“I purchased my third piece of jewelry tonight. I just can’t seem to get enough. Thanks for coming to Oklahoma City!” 4/2/15

“You were a delightful man to meet and talk with. Your art is incredible. I look forward to seeing you again.” 3/28/15

“Unique , high quality shard jewelry. Very glad we decided to take a look & learn about the selection process.” 3/22/15

“Beautiful pendants and pins. I hope to buy from you again.” 3/14/15

“It was great meeting you, and seeing all your beautiful work… I love the history that goes with each piece, and I love my horses!” 2/17/15

“Our experience with Liam was outstanding. He was polite informative and very nice to deal with. His pieces are unique and good quality and good value. Highly recommend him and his works of art.” 1/23/15

“Your jewelry is the BEST.” 12/7/14

“Enjoyed meeting Liam. Great person.” 12/5/14

“Thank you for taking time to explain the history behind the piece I purchased!” 11/22/14

“Love unique handcrafted jewelry!” 11/8/14

“Thank you for taking the time to tell us the history behind the china used to make our jewelry. It makes it mean so much more.” 11/7/14