Custom Work X

It was the plate her grandmother piled high with cookies and brownies, and when it broke last summer, Judy felt she lost a piece of family history. Fortunately, she carefully collected the shards, put them in a paper bag, packed it into a box and mailed it to me. Now, her sisters and nieces all have a piece of grandma’s cookie plate… except they’re wearing it as jewelry instead of leaving it on the table covered in crumbs.

Commission pieces like this are probably my favorite to work on because I get to buy into the emotion attached to the plate. A random piece of vintage china takes on a whole new meaning when I know someone remembers their little fingers snatching chocolate chip cookies off it.

You are invited to continue the tradition of heirloom china by having your broken dishes transformed into shard jewelry.

When you commission me to craft a piece of wearable art from your family porcelain, pottery, or art glass, I discuss with you your preferences. Arrangements can easily be handled via the phone and the Postal Service. There is no minimum order, but you will receive a discount if you order five or more pieces at one time.

Once your broken china is in my possession, I will schedule an individual cutting for your pieces. Commissions cost $75+tax per piece with layered and specialty pieces costing more. Due to the individual attention required for commission pieces, please contact me to determine schedule.

Here’s a look at the process for a commission I worked on in the past.

Private Showings
You are welcome to host a private shard jewelry show in your home or business. I provide jewelry, displays and invitations. Meanwhile, you provide the guest list and some light refreshments. It’s a great opportunity for you to introduce your friends to shard jewelry in a relaxing, low-pressure environment, and as the host, you are entitled to free jewelry. For more information and availability, please contact me.