The necklace made from Katharine Hepburn’s broken plate

Today, my final show of the season begins, the One of a Kind Show in Chicago. This year, I decided it was time to bring out a very special piece of shard jewelry… a piece that hasn’t been seen in public for over five years…

The Katharine Hepburn necklace… a stunning piece of jewelry made from bits of a broken plate that belonged to the legendary actress.

How’d I get the broken plate? Well back in 2004, Hepburn’s estate went up for auction at Sothebys New York. Among the memorabilia and person items, there was a set of majolica ware dishes… and among that set of dishes, a damaged plate.
How could I resist, I bought the broken plate. It took me over a year to figure out what I wanted to create. The end result… well, I think it turned out quite stunning…

I must thank my friend CJ Iglinski for her fine beadwork on the necklace.

You can view the piece and my full collection of jewelry at the One of a Kind Show in Chicago through Sunday, or visit my online collection.


If you’re around Chicago, stop by the One of a Kind Show. I’d love to show you the Katharine Hepburn necklace. Booth #1110.