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Ten of My Favorite New Patterns for Shard Jewelry

When I’m asked to choose my favorite pieces of shard jewelry, I often think, “Gee, that’s like being asked to choose your favorite child.” I like each piece for a different reason.

However, I must admit there are a few standout pieces that rise to the top. Below you’ll find ten pieces I’ve worked on this season that are worth a mention.

ricebowl1213Japanese Rice Bowl

This one is interesting because the “rice” in the name refers to the rice-shaped pattern that appears around the bowl. It incorporates a classic porcelain blue combined with turquoise and rust colors.

zipkin1213bSue Zipkin Shard

Sue Zipkin’s colorful contemporary designs add a fantastic punch of color to the collection. She incorporates a lot of colors and images that remind me of the American southwest.

welsh1213aGaudy Welsh

In the 1800s, “gaudy” didn’t have today’s negative connotations. As a result, the subtle lustre pinks and bold blues, yellows, and reds of antique Gaudy Welsh dishes are an adventure to work with.

canada1213bCommemorative Canada Plate

Commemorative plates can be tricky; some are poorly produced, others feature obscure landmarks. However, this plate from Canada was rimmed with well-made images of pioneer settlers… a gorgeous piece.

snowflake1213cSnowflake Mug

A lot of holiday mugs stick to Christmas themes; but this pattern with snowflakes is suitable any time the snow flies… which in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where I am now can be from October to May.

rosefairy1950s Fairy Maiden Jar

With its delicate design and pale pink color, this image of a fairy maiden is jaw-dropping. The mark on this jar was not decipherable, so I can’t claim to know its maker.

temple12131840s Purple Transferware

There is an abundance of blue and brown transferware from the 1800s, but this amazing purple English Pearl Stone Ware in the “Temple” pattern is absolutely exquisite with its gorgeous Victorian “Oriental” pattern.

belleekring1Irish Belleek Rings

I always love working with Belleek, but this season I crafted more pieces into rings which added a new dimension to working with the china. Plus, the shamrock patterns simply look exceptional when worn on the hand.

daisyHand Tinted Crescent China

The work on this piece is extraordinary with fine hand painted flowers in subdued colors. Meanwhile, the highly decorated rim was adorned in beautiful strokes of gold making this turn-of-the-century piece an absolute stunner.

dragon11950s Dragonware Cup

The three-dimensional nature of vintage Dragonware always makes great jewelry; but when I happen upon broken fragments of some of the more rare colors like green, my heart skips a beat.

Bonus: Character Dish Shards

Confession. I often enjoy working on pieces with little characters. Sometimes it’s an angel or someone from an animated film or show. Regardless, they’re often whimsical and tell a bit of a story.

Just a reminder… each of my pieces are one-of-a-kind, so I must offer my apologies if a piece you are interested sells before you have the chance to add it to your own collection.

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  1. Áine Long
    January 1, 2014 at 4:02 pm #

    I followed the link from your podcast with Eoin Ó Conchùir of the Bitesize site. Enjoyed that and fell in love with your beautiful work. What gorgeous pieces! I am originally from Tucson and very familiar with the 4th Avenue shops.

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